Future of I-30 & Cooks Ln.

Future of I-30 & Cooks Ln.

What would JTWNA like to see on the vacant piece of land at the NE corner of Cooks Lane and I-30?

We have an opportunity to offer one of the last desirable group of properties to an investor willing to build the next master-planned, mixed-use development.

The area is on a direct line from Fort Worth to Dallas on I-30. We are close to the mega entertainment area of Arlington with Stadiums & Amusement Parks but lacks a development like this.

Many other areas have successfully created these master-planned destinations. Why not us.

This land WILL be developed sooner than later. What you you like to see?

Developer Meeting

Developer Meeting

Neighbors, we have gained enough respect as a Neighborhood Association that developers are working with JTWNA make adjustment to their proposals before approaching the city.

This gives us the ability to improve the project and push for layouts that otherwise would not have been considered.

Allofe Properties Would like to develop 13 acres of land behind the Walmart off JTW.

The first plan was to cram in 75+ townhomes on that property and that did not work for us. The developer went back and added 26 7,500sf lots and modified the plan. This will accommodate homes closer to 3,500sf. His plan is to buffer the neighborhood with the remaining townhomes.

We mentioned that we want a sit down restaurants so he purchased the piece of property facing JTW and plans to build that out as well.

I have attached the early plans so we can open this up for discussion.

This shows why JTWNA is important to our Neighborhood. In the past this would have hit zoning before we had a chance to mobilize against it or have any input.

Location is behind Sam’s Club off JTW
From our first meeting. We felt this was to much density.
The latest plan showing larger 7,500 lots and the addition of restaurant space.