Bylaws of the
John T White Neighborhood Association

Section 1.01: NAME. The NAME of this organization shall be the John T. White Neighborhood Association, hereafter referred to as John T. White NA. (JTWNA)
Section 1.02: PURPOSE: The Bylaws shall govern the Corporation and its members and facilitate the fulfillment of the purposes provided in the Articles of Incorporation. The purpose of the association is to provide an organized framework to promote, preserve and enhance the quality of life and values in the neighborhood.

SECTION 2.01: VOTING MEMBERSHIP. Any property owner or resident 18 years of age and older, in good standing with their dues, and residing within the boundaries of the Neighborhood Association is eligible for Membership in the Association. An application for membership form also must be completed.  Boundaries of the JTWNA are the North: Trinity River (excluding Cobblestone), South: I-30 (East of Cobblestone HOA and Westside of Eastchase. East: Easts side of Eastchase. West: West side Fay Blvd. Eastchase Parkway, Tarrant County, Texas.
Section 2.02: ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP. Those who do not own property in the JTWNA boundaries but are interested in the NA and want to be notified of meetings are considered Associate Members in the Association. Associate Membership does not, however, include voting rights.
Section 2.03: ANNUAL DUES. The amount required for annual dues shall be $10 per person each year unless changed by a majority vote of the members in attendance at an annual meeting of the full membership. Full payment of the annual dues will entitle the Resident or Property Owner to full membership privileges for one year from the date of payment.
Section 2.04: VOTING RIGHTS. The full payment of the annual dues will entitle each paid member over age eighteen residing in the Member’s household (excluding Associate Members) to one vote per dues paying member in all Association elections.
Section 2.05: RESIGNATION. Any Member may resign by filing a written resignation with the Secretary of the Association and/or, when the Member moves from the neighborhood. Such resignation shall not relieve the resigning Member of the obligation to pay any dues, assessments, or other charges theretofore accrued and unpaid.

Section 2.06: TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP. Membership in the Association is automatically terminated whenever the Member is in default of payment of the annual Association Dues. A member may also be removed, or membership application denied at any time by a majority vote of the membership. Examples include, but are not limited to: individuals who have harmed the reputation of the association or diminished its reputation within the community.

Section 3.01: OFFICERS. The Association shall have the following officers:
President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Directors
Section 3.02: ELECTION OF OFFICERS. The Officers shall be elected by majority vote at the annual meeting of the full membership.
Section 3.03: TERM OF OFFICE. The Officers shall serve a two-year term, with no limitations on future terms.
Section 3.04: DUTIES. The duties of the Officers are as follows:
1) The PRESIDENT shall be the principal executive officer of the Association and shall preside over all meetings, represent the Association on public occasions, and make such committee appointments from the membership as shall be deemed advisable for the effective conduct of the work of the Association.
2) The VICE-PRESIDENT shall assist the President as the President requests, and represent the Association on appropriate occasions. The Vice-President shall also, in the absence or disability of the President, perform the duties and exercise the powers of the President of the Association.
3) The TREASURER shall collect, safeguard, disburse and make periodic reports of all funds collected in the name of the Association.
4) The SECRETARY shall keep attendance records and record the proceedings of all meetings, maintain adequate records of the Association activities, and conduct such official correspondence as shall be required.
5) The duties of the officers shall not be limited as enumerated above, but they may discharge in addition such duties as are assigned by the Association Membership.
6) Unless so authorized, no officer shall have any power or authority to bind the Association by any contract or engagement, to pledge its credit, or to render if liable peculiarly for any purpose or in any amount.
Section 3.05: VACANCIES AND REMOVAL FROM OFFICE. Any Officer may be removed by a majority vote of the members of the Association (excluding the Officer to be removed). Upon the death, removal, resignation, or incapacity of an Officer of the Association, a majority of the Association shall elect a successor to complete the existing term.
Section 3.06: MANAGEMENT. The Association shall be managed by the Officers so elected and these Bylaws of the Association.


Section 4.01: PLACE OF MEETINGS. Meetings of the Members shall be held as needed by the Association at any place the President or a majority of the Members may from time to time select, this includes online meetings as necessary.
Section 4.02: REGULAR MEETINGS. Regular meetings of the Association shall be held as needed, at a time and place designated by the President.
Section 4.03: ANNUAL MEETING. An annual meeting of the Members shall be held in the month of June of each year. At such meeting, the Members shall elect the Officers of the Association, receive reports on the affairs of the Association, and transact any other business which is within the power of the Members.
Section 4.04: SPECIAL MEETINGS. Special meetings of the Members may be called by the President or by a majority of the Officers of the Association.
Section 4.05: NOTICE OF MEETINGS. A written or printed notice of each meeting, stating the place, day, and hour of the meeting, shall be given by the Secretary of the Association, or by the person authorized to call the meeting, to residents within the JTWNA boundaries and each Member of record entitled to vote at the meeting. This notice shall be given at least seven (7) days before the date named for the meeting by email and postings on website and Facebook.
Section 4.06: QUORUM. The Members present at any properly announced meeting shall constitute a quorum at such a meeting.

Section 5.01: VOTING. All issues shall be decided by a majority vote of members present at the meetings.

Section 6.01: AUTHORIZATION TO ESTABLISH COMMITTEES. The Association may establish committees and Directors as deemed necessary to pursue its stated objectives. Members of Committees and Directors shall be appointed by the President.

Section 7.01: EXPENDITURES. Expenditures of funds amounting to over One Hundred Dollars ($100) in any month must be approved by majority vote of the Membership present at any properly-announced meeting of the Membership. Printing of the Neighborhood Newsletter, Neighborhood Informational Notices and the Neighborhood Directory are exempted by this rule.
Section 7.02: FINANCIAL REPORTS. Quarterly and Annual Financial Reports shall be prepared by the Treasurer and presented to the Members at annual and scheduled meetings.

Section 8.01: PROCEDURE. These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of voting members at any regular meeting of the Members of the Association, provided seven days written notice of the proposed amendment and of the meeting is given.

Section 9.01: VOTING. Acceptance of these Bylaws shall be by a two-thirds majority vote of voting members at any regular meeting of the Members of the Association, provided copies of the Bylaws and notice of the meeting is given to all Members voting members at least seven days prior to the meeting by email, posting on web page and Facebook.


Section 10.01: NON-COMPLIANCE PENALTIES. Non-compliance with the Bylaws of the Association may result in termination, be it temporary or permanent, of current or potential membership for the offender. A majority vote by the membership of the Association will be necessary. Under no circumstance will non-compliance with any section of these Bylaws constitute the forfeiture of the rights of the Association to exist or the rights of the Association to enforce the Bylaws of the Association.