Purpose & Organization

JTWNA represents a diverse group of home and property owners in East Fort Worth. Our goal is to build strong neighborhood coalitions and community support, including constant and effective communication with city leaders and departments concerning issues affecting JTWNA residents and businesses.

JTWNA’s members are neighbors who have voluntarily come together to preserve, protect, and enhance the quality of life in our area. All residents are welcome. 

JTWNA is a non-profit organization registered with the City of Fort Worth. Our association is the only registered Neighborhood Association for our area. We are governed by a set of bylaws. Day to day business is managed by a Board of officers and directors, elected by the general membership.

Located in far East
Fort Worth, Texas

The John T. White Neighborhood Association is a coalition of neighborhoods located immediately east of downtown Fort Worth. JTWNA’s boundaries were established by Fort Worth City Ordinance as – I-30, Eastchase Pkwy, Randol Mill to nearly Hwy 820-E. 

Within our boundaries are single-family homes, apartments, duplexes, townhomes, retirement communities, churches, schools, commercial structures, parks and open spaces. JTWNA includes some of Fort Worth’s most diverse tree canopy’s including a treasure of old groth post oaks over 200 years old. Our area enjoys a rare rural feel due to numerous equine facilities and ranch properties throughout our boundrys.

Since activities and developments immediately beyond our physical boundaries can significantly impact our neighborhoods and living conditions, our area of interest extends beyond our boundaries for a block or two in each direction.  

JTWNA Priorities & Initiatives


  • Zoning: Constant monitoring of zoning issues and change requests.
  • Promote Positive Developments: Ensure positive impacts of area development for residents and businesses
  • Preserve Natural Assets: Preserve JTWNA’s tree canopy: draw on, enhance, and protect natural assets; prevent unintended consequences such as flooding.
  • Forge Partnerships: Strengthen partnerships with the City of Fort Wort and recognized neighborhood associations.
  • Strengthen Safety & Security: Foster communication and partnerships for safer, more secure neighborhoods

Recent Project Examples

  • Council Initiated Zoning: Worked with District 5 Council Member to re-configure JTWNA area zoning.
  • Greenspace: Worked with the City of Fort Worth to approve the purchase various areas of green and open space properties. (ongoing)
  • LGI, Dr.Hornton and Benchmark: Worked with the City and the developers to address downstream flooding. (ongoing)
  • Tree Preservation: Worked with the City of Fort Worth to strengthen protection for trees.
  • Randol Mill: Address storm water drainage impacts (ongoing)

JTWNA is not…

JTWNA is not a Homeowners Association (HOA). We do NOT create or enforce any restrictions or regulations concerning anyone’s private property rights.  Members of homeowners associations or other local neighborhood organizations located in the JTWNA area are invited to join JTWNA, but JTWNA itself does not play such a role. 

JTWNA does not endorse candidates for any public office. We work with city staff and elected officials to preserve and improve our neighborhoods, but at election time, members must decide for themselves which candidate will best serve the interests of the neighborhood, city, county, state, or country.